Top Sihanoukville Restaurants worth Your Time and Money

sihanoukville restaurants

Sihanoukville has so much to offer that you cannot expect to see everything in just a few days and without having a lot of energy. So before boarding on the flight to Sihanoukville make sure to plan a trip for at least a week. Do not worry about the energy issue, there are plenty of good Sihanoukville restaurants here that will not only satisfy your taste buds, they will provide you any type of food you like to keep your energy levels high at all times.

Considering the size of this beautiful coastal city, there is a diverse range of cuisine on offer here. In fact, you can taste a wide range of local as well as international cuisines at a restaurant of your choice and at very affordable rates. After spending a few days here, you will soon realize that the food found here is heavily influenced by French, Thai, and Vietnamese flavors. Most of the food stalls found on the beaches serve the traditional Cambodian dishes which usually include a curry base served with noodles or rice as a staple.  Although most of the traditional Cambodian dishes served in various Sihanoukville restaurants are not very spicy when compared with some of the Thai dishes, you need to make sure to mention your choice before placing your order.

Here is a list of some of the best and appealing Sihanoukville restaurants and terraces that you need to check to experience the taste of local as well as international varieties.

  • Secret Garden Bar & Restaurant Otres

If you do not want to take your eyes of the beautiful scenic ocean view while enjoying your meal, The Secret Garden restaurant is the place to hit. Situated at the end of the stunning Otres beach, this place is a hidden paradise for travelers to relish. All the local delights, as well as international dishes cooked here, are made with their own domestic farm-grown produce, so you can expect every dish that you order here to be fresh from the farms.

  • Olive & Olive Mediterranean Restaurant

If you ever get bored of eating the same traditional Khmer cuisine, you can always head to the Olive & Olive restaurant to change your taste and enjoy authentic Mediterranean dishes. This restaurant offers a lot of authentic Mediterranean dishes to choose from, you can order a pasta, pizza, lasagne, Shrimp Saganaki, or Spaghetti or just try different fresh salads. The atmosphere is superb, the customer service is exceptional and the price is nominal. You get a complimentary flatbread and dip as soon as you enter the restaurant.

  • L’osteria di Gino Garden

Out of all the Sihanoukville restaurants, L’osteria di Gino is considered the best by those who love to eat authentic Italian cuisine. Whether you want to order a BBQ platter or a beef carpaccio, you get to choose from a wide selection of Italian dishes or you can directly request the chef for a tailor made cuisine of your choice.

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