Going into the future at ASB – International Schools in Bangkok

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The American School of Bangkok or ASB is an international school geared towards pre-kindergarten children right up to Grade 12. As far as international schools in Bangkok go, this one offers outstanding education to children, following an American curriculum. For over 30 years now this school has been producing students fit to enrol at any international university across the world; leading universities with prestigious names such as Harvard, University of British Columbia, University of California, University of Washington and many more. Plenty of top academic students from ASB receives academic scholarships as well.

There are two campuses of the American School of Bangkok. The one is the Sukhumvit Campus and the other is the Green Valley Campus. Both have the same modern state of the art facilities conducive to studying and learning as well as fully equipped outdoor activities and sport facilities.  The Green Valley Campus differs in that it is the location of IPGA, the International Preparatory Golf Academy. It is a full-time academy where children from as young as 5 are offered top notch training in the sport of gold by golfing professionals. Most of their success is attributed to the methods of how the children are coached and the latest practices in kinesiology, biofeedback, neurofeedback, motor learning and biomechanics come from dedicated and caring educators.

Learning into the future

Children attending the American School of Bangkok grow in areas of academics and in social skills. The teachers support, but at the same time, they encourage children to be independent.  ASB teachers, whether they are just starting their careers or been at it for some time still stress that patience, communication and planning are very important in the child’s early years. Teachers will guide little feet to independently choose the right direction and to walk on independently – their aim is to lay a secure foundation for children whose parents have entrusted them to their care. All young learners are accommodated, made to feel part of a lesson that aims at developing and growing them until they go on to even greater things. Teachers at The American School of Bangkok find the time to even out and balance all necessities and consider it a great challenge.  Building leadership is their motto and your child can be part of that motto into the future.