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Is it possible to own 100% of a Thai company?


One of the things about company registration in Thailand is that it can be very tricky to understand sometimes. But one thing you may be thinking about is whether you can own the company 100% even if you’re not from the country. The rumor that you can’t is quite active in Thailand, and it’s easy to see why. Most people from outside the country tend to have restrictions and things like that don’t really work the way you want in such a situation. But there are some methods you can use in order to gain a 100% ownership. Getting a …

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Going into the future at ASB – International Schools in Bangkok

international school bangkok03

The American School of Bangkok or ASB is an international school geared towards pre-kindergarten children right up to Grade 12. As far as international schools in Bangkok go, this one offers outstanding education to children, following an American curriculum. For over 30 years now this school has been producing students fit to enrol at any international university across the world; leading universities with prestigious names such as Harvard, University of British Columbia, University of California, University of Washington and many more. Plenty of top academic students from ASB receives academic scholarships as well. There are two campuses of the American …

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